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By plantsr432u, Jun 9 2017 01:18PM

Hole Park and Weald Craft fair. I have been to Hole Park several years ago and remember it as an garden more for hide & seek that for the plantsman. It is delightful but perhaps not enough plants to keep the gardener satisfied. However, for the grandparents and grandchild it is great with swings, alrge lawns, hiding places, large pond,dens and ample seating to rest.

Today and until Sunday 11th there is also a free craft fair with over 200 stalls. I attended at 9ish in the hope of enjoying a talk by Danny Clarke the Black Gardener but he was not on until 13.30 and even with an entry fee of £9.50 it could hold my interest in the fair or gardens for another three hours and left disappointed.

By plantsr432u, Apr 18 2017 10:14PM

Since my last visit not so long ago when I wrote an article for the website Garden reviews page, I stated that the place needed an overall and have they taken to the task. Large areas of tall hedges have gone and the site has transformed into a light open area. Yes, there are places that need to be replanted but they are clearly on their way and the whole site looks as though it will be very exciting.

By plantsr432u, Apr 1 2017 06:45PM

Now being thifty I saw a walk-in plastic greenhouse for 1/2 price i.e. £14.99.

Greenhouse No. 1 - pretty easy to put up but taking no chances I loaded it down with some heavy compost bags. OK for several months then the winds came in November and my plastic cover which basically held the structure upright was in the middle of my garden. Back it went only to explore more of my garden the next day. The ties holding the plastic sheeting to the upright rods had given up and only my stapling the frame to a wooden deck stopped the frame as well departing but the strain had been taken on the plastic corner attachments and several were now broken and the frame was leaning at an angle far greater than anything in Pisa.

Greenhouse No. 2 - same shop, same price but I had a cunning plan to strengthen the frame by adding some of No.1's framing tubes to No.2. After a few extra bends and screws my designer greenhouse was made and I was proud of the new look. But then came Doris the hurricane showing no mercy and my frame was at 45% and the cover ripped to shreds.

Greenhouse No.3 - same shop, no I don't believe in third time lucky so I went to another establishment and found a plastic walkin greenhouse but with the difference of a sturdy re-enforced cover and the tubes are all round the base and a tube goes across the back of the greenhouse so it should not lean (famous last words)

Greenhouse No 3 - well the rain put a hold to the building of No.3 until last week when on a sunny day in the garden I opened the box and proceeded to match the tubes & items against the instructions - WHAT instructions, there wasn't any and I could not remember WHO made the greenhouse so that I could telephone them or download the instructions off the internet. So back in the box it went whilst I thought of what to do.

I decided that the only way was to count the various tubes and work out what went where. Luckily the tubes were all in separate plastic bags marked 1-5 so 1 had 4;2=15;3=11x2bags;4=14 & 5 =4. The picture on the box wasn't the greatest and wouldn't be much help BUT then good news I noticed the magically sign 720/1981 - I had bought it from Argos. Bad news 3 weeks return had runout. I used my smartphone to look up Argos but out of wi-fi range in the garden. Logged on laptop - got item up with picture! Then I clicked on More info and it showed 2 PDFiles. 1st you needed a magnifying glass to read it but 2nd was easier to follow. However, instructions are different to parts e.g. 1=A;2=D;3=E;4=B;5=C&F+wire on instructions but 5 is only one piece??? Then rain, so back in box to be partially assembled in kitchen.

I'll keep you posted whether or not it becomes a greenhouse or a bird cage.

By plantsr432u, Apr 1 2017 05:53PM

Research, Research, Research.

On my quest to help the environment and being thirfty I had an irrigation system which I thought was ingenious. Basically and old hose cut in 3 with a Y attachment, both end hoses attached to two £1 poundland plastic hoses that had pin holes. The holes let out drips of water around my garden - job done. Well for a season anyway but some of the pinholes got blocked so I saved up for another 2 NEW pinholed hoses. Job done again i thought but unfortunately one of the second replacements got a split and yours truly was drenched along with the lawn which was not the idea.

So I decided to Splash out rather than be splashed, on a new soaker system which I believe are made from old tyres so another plus to saving earth

On Research I found Hozelock sell 25m soaker hoses at various Garden Centres ranging from £30-40.

On going to the garden centre I found a similar product by FloPro but they had a stopper at one end rather than being open ended. I tried to find an email address on the Hozelock website to ask Why but with little luck so whilst online I looked for other Soakers and found one for £20 BUT 50m. I paid extra for next day delivery and it arrived within 12 hours. OK no stopper so I will have to buy an expensive bottle of Red wine with a cork rather than my usual screw top selection.

Happy days