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Stage 1 - Garden Design on-line, conventional or our Gold, Silver, Bronze service

Stage 2 - Plant your garden via our Plants R432U database

Stage 3 - Maintain with our Personal Garden Calendar, Labels, Grid map or use our GMT (Garden Maintenance Team)

Stage 4 - Be different with our POTS (Personal Opportunities To Shoppers) or TUBS (The Unique Buyers Shop)

Stage 5 - Enhance with the ulimate G.I.F.T.S. (Garden Items For The Shopper)

Stage 6 - Enjoy your gardening with Shed Talk, our special offers or garden projects

All the above  will help benefit the charity and we offer special rates for Disabled and Special Needs clients - PoA

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Stage 4 - Personalise



Do you want your garden to look like all the other gardens or a duplication of the garden centre?

If not, read below in our quest to aim for you to get that unique garden.


POTS (Personal Opportunies To Shoppers)


POTS is Seek & Find Wish List service – The Personal Shopper - we will research an item for you, all you have to do is tell us the details

e.g. a statue, female, 5-6 foot high, material, price range

This takes all the hard work out of you scrolling through numerous web pages, driving endless miles to garden centre’s,  buying house & garden magazine’s only to find out the item is not shown, going around interior/exterior design shops, all in the futile hope that you will eventually find what you specifically want – it could take years! We know where to look and our network of contacts are second to none.

So for a small Seek and Find Service fee of £40, which you will obviously re-cope in travelling expenses and time, as well as possible purchase costs (we may also be able to negoitate a discount with our trade sources). So go to The Personal Shopper Seek & Find Wish List to make your Wish List come true. We will then send you a Wish list of the selection of item(s) for you to puruse at your leisure.


POTS Design service - design your own - on your behalf we can get in touch with an appropriate designer/sculptor(ess) who will commission you a unique piece of art to your specifications. Send us your idea/sketch/plan along with the details e.g. size, material etc and we will get back to you on feasibility, price etc and once all parties are agreed the work will commence. Go to POTS Design Service  to complete the details

POTS examples include



Wooden horse sculpture just one of the works that could be in Your home.

Also don't forget to look at our POTS POST TOPS and 1T Shirts where you can buy or design your own creation or get inspiration from the many Garden Books for sale - click on above or subpages


TUBS (The Unique Buyer's Shop) - go to our GIFTShop then view many unusual items that will personlise your garden. But, please note that many of these GIFTS are mainly unique and hence when they are gone they are gone. However, if there is something that you like we can still look for a similar item we never give up - so just fill in the The Personal Shopper Seek & Find Wish List as mentioned above.

TUBS examples include the following

Garden styles:-




         Antonia                 Apollo                 Ariadne                Aphodrite

Add the Antique touch to your garden




Cottage style

Antique tools for your garden


Other by-gone garden articles to enhance your garden


Modern style

Silver Fish


        Buddah                 Cougar                       Sheep Bench

Contemporary style


Sculptured shoal of fish                               Crying Girl                Abstract shoal of fish


      Let's give 3 Chairs

Hip Hip Hooray,

Hip Hip Hooray,

Hip Hip Hooray!

Remember many items are from a By-gone era so hurry before they have Gone-by so rush to GIFTShop quickly.

Herb pots in metal basket in greenhouse