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Enhance Sheep Maintain Fork Enjoy Deckchair Personlise Dads Shed Plants Garden Design

Stage 1 - Garden Design on-line, conventional or our Gold, Silver, Bronze service

Stage 2 - Plant your garden via our Plants R432U database

Stage 3 - Maintain with our Personal Garden Calendar, Labels, Grid map or use our GMT (Garden Maintenance Team)

Stage 4 - Be different with our POTS (Personal Opportunities To Shoppers) or TUBS (The Unique Buyers Shop)

Stage 5 - Enhance with the ulimate G.I.F.T.S. (Garden Items For The Shopper)

Stage 6 - Enjoy your gardening with Shed Talk, our special offers or garden projects

All the above  will help benefit the charity and we offer special rates for Disabled and Special Needs clients - PoA

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Stage 2 - Plant

You now want to fill you garden with lovely plants, shrubs, trees etc. The problem is that you cannot wait 20 years for the tree to grow and do not want to pay top price's for the privilege. You now have 4 main options

Plants 432 U

How the Plants R For Free To You (PlantsR432U) works

You enter the details of your desired plant onto the form which then goes onto the PR432U database. This costs £1 per plant, this fee is to stop large garden sellers putting in lengthy lists and then selling on. The fee after admin costs goes to our charity. Once there is a match the person giving the plant gives you back your £1 or it is waived or it can be given to charity. Hence you have a Plant For FREE; you & the giver have helped save the environment and the charity has gained. Remember you can put on your Plant Wish List anything you desired from a special rose to a Banana tree or even a 50 foot oak tree.

You can also get rid of your unwanted plants by putting them on the PR432U database and hence save the planet, again a £1 per entry and help to deter plant dumping.  

One little plant saved and a donation to charity will make the planet a better place.

After the Garden Design– keeping the garden nice and neat by Garden Maintenance

You tendering your garden with the aid of

·         The Personal Garden Calendar printed for your individual garden, Plant labels and Garden grid these will assist you in maintaining you garden as you want it. You can even supply 12 of your own pictures <JPG format> to give that personal touch to your Personal Calendar for just an additional £6.00

·         Personal Plant Labels laminated again for your individual garden of the plants that grow in your garden from the list that you have given to us or taken from our Plant List that we have given you. As per the Personal Garden Calendar you can incorporate your own pictures <JPG format> for an additional 50p each. We also supply  

·        Another PR432U feature is the use of an overlay grid to specify where you plant is in relation to your garden making if a useful cross reference to your PR432U Personal Garden Calendar so that you can refer to the calendar and then go immediately to the plant, read the Personal Garden Label and complete the job.

·         Call in the Professional's - an expert garden maintenance team (GMT) to take the hard work out of your garden allowing you to enjoy it’s beauty.