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Enhance Sheep Maintain Fork Enjoy Deckchair Personlise Dads Shed Plants Garden Design

Stage 1 - Garden Design on-line, conventional or our Gold, Silver, Bronze service

Stage 2 - Plant your garden via our Plants R432U database

Stage 3 - Maintain with our Personal Garden Calendar, Labels, Grid map or use our GMT (Garden Maintenance Team)

Stage 4 - Be different with our POTS (Personal Opportunities To Shoppers) or TUBS (The Unique Buyers Shop)

Stage 5 - Enhance with the ulimate G.I.F.T.S. (Garden Items For The Shopper)

Stage 6 - Enjoy your gardening with Shed Talk, our special offers or garden projects

All the above  will help benefit the charity and we offer special rates for Disabled and Special Needs clients - PoA

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Plants R For Free To You (PlantsR432U) Plants R For Free To You? Yes, Visit this eco-friendly site to find out where Plants R For Free To You, Trees R For Free To You, Shrubs R For Free To You, Roses R For Free To You, Acers R For Free To You, Clematis For Free To You etc, etc.

But we also offer Virtual Garden Design, Landscape Design, Plant database, Plant list, Personal Garden Calendar, Personal Garden Labels, Personal Garden Researcher, Personal Shopper, Personal Design Service, Garden Maintenance and much much more -  see below.

Also please note that one of our aims is to assist the disabled and part of our profits go to a disabled gardeners' charity.

Virtual Garden Design - our qualified designers can design your garden with minimal contact (via the internet) providing 2D plans, a Plant List and even a 3D movie of your garden, showing your house, your dogs & cats and you ! - all via the computer to save you time & money. However we also offer Conventional Garden Design or our Gold, Silver & Bronze Landscape Design service.

Whether you use our Plant List or choose you own, get Plants For FREE via our PlantsR432U database or request Plants FOR FREE from our Wish List. You can also add to our PlantsR432U database any plants that you want removed rather than have them being discarded into the environment.

Personal Garden Calendar, Personal Garden Labels and a Personal Garden Grid all designed specifically for your garden. These utilities will give you instant information whilst you potter in the garden rather than having to go back to the house, take off the muddy boots and study the garden book for what to do e.g. when to prune x & y, only to return and forget what you read. Your individual Calendar, Labels and Grid will aid you in maintaining your garden in-situ. We can even supply the Personal Garden Calendar on Outlook or other media straight to your on-hand mobile. However, we also provide our GMT (Garden Maintenance Team) who will visit your garden on a regular basis or a Cementary service if you wish a grave tendered.

POTS (Personal Opportunities To Shoppers) where you can personalise your garden with our POTS Design Service - design your own creation and have it handmade or goto  POTS POST TOPS individually sculptured fence post tops or 1Tshirts to create your own attire. Alternatively try our Personal Shopper Seek & Find Wish List service - send us your wants - Interior or Exterior and we will research our array of artists, suppliers, antique dealer's etc for that special item - don't be shy just ask. However, if you can not wait, go to directly to TUBS (The Unique Buyers Shop) which has many unusual items for sale

GIFTShop (Garden Items For The Shopper) enhance your garden and browse the many one-off items such as ancient & sculptured statues, antiques, modern chairs, vintage garden tools, unusual pots, comtempory furniture plus all the above - Personal Garden Calendars, Labels , Grids, Design & Seek & Find Wish List, Post tops, Hand designed T shirts or for those winter nights Garden books, copies of The Garden, Gardeners' World etc along with Downloadable Garden Projects.

Now RELAX & ENJOY your garden sitting in the deckchair lapping up the sun or

In the Shed -

Garden Projects - our website is geared to helping the environment and here you will find great Garden ideas, Garden projects - how to make  Butterfly, Lacewing, Ladybird, Hedgehog boxes, Storage seats, Cold frames, Compost bins etc in your shed that will make in your garden, save money and have a haven for wildlife specially to you or

Relax & Read one of our Garden books ofrom the shop.



Shed Talk -

Go to our Members area and read about our Garden Freebies, 241's, Special events, Special Offers etc

Go to our Garden Calendar G1VE2Charity (Gardens 1 Visits+Events 2 Charity) showing Places 2 Go

Read our personal Garden & Garden Centre reviews to help you decide Where 2 Go.

See links to photographs and videos of the above

Read our articles e.g. Succesful ways of getting rid of slugs & snails, Making a good wormery, compost, leaf mound etc

Discuss your garden problems with fellow gardeners.

Also details of the charity for Disabled Gardeners for which we give a percentage of our sales.

Finally click here for Contact details, GTC & Privacy, Return Policy

(Plants R 432U a charitable aid to gardener's)